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In the midst of the summer heat, nothing compares to the ice cold blast of a high-efficiency air conditioner. While indeed useful, floor and ceiling fans alone are typically not enough to keep a home or office cool and comfortable.

West Chester AC Repair

We keep West Chester AC systems under control!

The summertime temperatures in West Chester often reach the high 80’s, which is more than to call for a functional air conditioning unit. McCuen Plumbing Air Conditioning has been servicing residential and commercial cooling systems for many years, and work on a huge selection of AC makes and models.

From small to large, your air conditioner is in excellent hands

Everything from window units to whole home central heating and air systems have been serviced by McCuen’s trained and top of the line technicians. Many things can go wrong with your West Chester AC unit, and since it does not take much to turn that cold air into hot, we strongly suggest having a comprehensive system check performed on a semi-annual basis.

This should ideally be done in the spring months before the temperatures start to rise, as this will allow the crew at McCuen to effectively identify and fix any possible issues before the cooling system needs to be used. A few of the typical services we offer to customers include but are not limited to:

Duct Cleaning – if your home or office is equipped with a central HVAC system, then it the duct lines running from the furnace to the floor vents need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Excessive debris buildup can result in poor air quality and blockages.
General AC Maintenance – our technicians will inspect every part of your air conditioner for full functionality, and repair/replace any defective components they find.
Mini Split Installations – these air conditioners are essentially an enhanced version of standard window units, and are very effective for zone heating and cooling. These ductless models are a sound alternative to central systems.
Filter Replacement – although the easiest and cheapest part to replace on your AC, a dirty air filter can cause a whole lot of trouble if not replaced regularly. We recommend installing a new HEPA model at least once every two to three months.

AC service worth calling about!

No one deserves to sit in a hot building all day. Let the expert team at McCuen Plumbing Air Conditioning have a look at your West Chester AC system today. We are a member of PHCC and QSC (along with many more nationally recognized associations), offer up-front quotes, and deliver some of the best warranties in the state. Call today to set up an appointment!

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