Water Heater Repair

Broomall Water Heater Repair

Is your Broomall, PA water heater failing to produce hot water? Call John McCuen Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning, Inc. at (610) 325-9395 for professional water heater solutions today! Or click here to save with our online deals and coupons.

Broomall Water Heater Repair

Water heaters can usually work for years without giving the homeowner any trouble. They’re usually powered by electricity or gas. But like everything else, water heaters will start to break down over time and need the services of a plumbing contractor. If you home is in Broomall, PA, or the surrounding areas, then we have repair solutions for you. At John McCuen Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning, Inc. our expert technicians will provide you with efficient and professional repair services. Don’t just take our word for it. See what your neighbors are saying here!

Water Heater Repair Services

  • Checking the pilot light on a gas heater
  • Flushing the tank
  • Making sure the pressure relief valves are operating the way they should
  • Checking the draft hood on a gas water heater
  • Making sure that the anode rod in the heater is in good shape
  • Checking the thermostat
  • Checking the heating element in an electric water heater

What Are Common Water Heater Repair Issues?

Among the things that can start to plague an old water heater, the most common is sediment buildup. This makes the water heater less efficient and can shorten its life. The deterioration of the anode rod over time is also a problem. The anode rod helps prevent rust in the tank.  Water heaters can also not fulfill their main job of supplying hot water. This might be due to a failing thermostat or heating element, or the pilot light might have been extinguished for some reason. If any of these issues occur in your home, getting professional services is imperative.

How Do You Know If Your Water Heater Is Failing?

If the water coming from your water heater is dirty, smelly, or simply not hot, then you are facing water heater issues. Additionally, if the hot water runs out quickly or takes a long time to heat at all, you may be in need of water heater repairs. Noises from the tank may also be signs that something is wrong. It might mean that there’s too much sediment in the tank and the tank needs to be flushed. When these issues start to occur, getting professional services quickly will save you further damage in the future.

How Are Water Heater Repairs Performed?

When repairing a water heater, the first thing to do is inspect it. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your home’s water heater in order to determine the source of the issue. Once found, we will determine a course of action that will not only work but also be within your budget. Once you approve our repair solution we will perform these services efficiently and professionally. Our goal is for our customers to be happy and comfortable at all times. We will get your hot water back up and running in no time.

Why Should You Get A Professional Plumbing & Water Heater Repair?

Signing a service contract with John McCuen Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning, Inc. can entitle a customer to a yearly inspection and troubleshooting of his or her water heater. Additionally, should the day come where repair services our needed you can rest assured knowing our expert technicians will have your back. We are available 24/7 to respond to any serious plumbing issues in your home. If you water heater breaks down or simply wont turn on at all, our technicians will be available to help. Call us today and schedule an appointment and get industry leading services in no time.

Is your Broomall, PA home in need of water heater repair services? Call John McCuen Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning, Inc. at (610) 325-9395 and get professional services today!