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Why is a Tankless Water Heater Better?

Bromall Tankless Water HeaterHave you begun to see signs that your water heater is on its way out? Is there and unexplained puddle of water at the foot of your hot-water heater, or maybe you are seeing signs of rust in the water or in the puddle of water under the heater? Did you know that traditional water heaters generally only last between 8 to 10 years and then they must be replaced?

As a homeowner, we understand that the cost of a water heater can be an unwanted expense, which is why we suggest that our customers think in terms of a tankless water heater as an upgrade. The only downside to this upgrade is the fact that it costs more than the traditional water heater. The good news is that the life span is twice as long, which translates into a decent investment.

There are several reasons, other than a longer life, why a tankless water heater makes more sense. One of those reasons is the fact that the homeowner will be operating a more efficient hot-water system. This upgrade will end up saving the homeowner in the end. Keep in mind that you will experience lower bills in the long term; however, in an environment where everyone is trying to save money, the tankless water heater is the smarter option.

It doesn’t matter where your current water heater is located, chances are that it is in the way of something. What would you do if you had that extra space, could it be put to good use? Upgrading to the tankless water heater will increase the level of storage space you have by almost two thirds, depending on the unit you intend to replace.

When a homeowner purchases or builds a home, unless it was done recently, the odds are likely that the older model water heater will be used. Families that increase over time end up outgrowing the capacity of their conventional water heater, and someone will end up having to shower with warm or cold water. If we upgrade your water heater to a tankless model, you will always have hot water as the outflow is instantaneous.

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