What does a tankless water heater do?

Benefits of Having a Tankless Water Heater


Broomall Tankless Water HeaterTankless water heaters are becoming increasingly common in the American household and are already a staple in many other countries, and it’s not hard to see why. These water heaters warm up water right when you need it. This method allows for many perks.

The most immediate perk is one you get experience every day, a perfectly warm shower. You will never have to worry about the warm water running out on you again. Tankless water heaters use a heat exchanger to instantly provide you with hot water. This eliminates the hassle of juggling shower times to optimize warm showers. Also tankless water heaters will only get as hot as you set it. You don’t have to worry about accidentally hurting yourself with scalding hot water.

Another benefit of having a tankless water heater is that it will save you money. It eliminates the need of a tank of water that has to be constantly heated and constantly wasting energy. Heat will constantly flow out of the traditional water heater which leads to money flowing out of your wallet. A tankless water heater prevents this inefficiency shaving up to 20% of your energy bills. This adds up to hundreds a year. Even better, these units last up to ten years longer than their traditional counterparts saving you even more money in the long run.

Furthermore, a tankless water heater is amazingly convenient. Due to its small size, a system can be installed in almost any place in your house or even outside. It’s small enough to be placed in a cabinet on a wall or hidden neatly in a closet. Installation outside is simple and all that is required is an anti-freeze kit. Also most units are conveniently remote controlled so you can comfortably adjust the setting from afar. This also ends any worries of having a cracked tank flooding your house.

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