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Replacing an AC Filter


AC MaintenanceOne of the best things about being a homeowner is having a large number of luxuries available. Like many things, some luxuries can break down and need fixing, and air conditioning is an example of this.

During the summer months the temperatures can get to be very hot, which makes the need for properly functioning air conditioning all the more necessary. However, replacing parts of the AC unit is necessary too. Depending on how many people live in the home and if any animals are present as well, changing the AC filter should be done every month or two months. Changes may need to be made more often if the overall quality of air inside the home is bad or if the home itself is located in an area with a higher rate of air pollution than other places.

A good reason for changing AC filters is because over time they tend to collect dust, dirt and other materials in and around the house. For example, anyone who has pets like cats or dogs knows that they shed their fur all the time and more often than not that fur ends up getting caught in the filters very quickly, though that’s what filters should do. Pets can also catch fleas, ticks and mites in their fur, which can also get caught in the filters and cause health problems if left unchecked.

Filters should also be changed depending on the number of people who live in the home. Normally, one person in a home is easy to manage but with more than one person around, that means more to account for, such as allergies. Pet related or not, germs can get caught in the filters as well and thus the need to replace them is greater, since dirty filters can cause allergies to become even worse.

Overall, changing air conditioning filters is not a difficult task and should be done regularly. It being inexpensive is another reason to make sure this is done as soon as possible.

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