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For many people, the thought of living without hot water is hard to comprehend. Most of us use it every day for basic necessities (cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc.), yet very few home and business owners know much about the device that makes all of this possible.

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Today, water heaters are available in two main types, tank-style and tankless. Hybrid models were recently introduced to the market, but most buildings are outfitted with their more popular alternatives. The decision as to what type to choose hinges on multiple factors, but ultimately comes down to personal preference and need.

McCuen’s master plumbers have performed service, repair, and installation work on many types of water heaters in Springfield, and have the technical know-how needed to make recommendations to customers about which kind best suits their needs.

Tank or no tank: what kind of water heater in Springfield is best?

Ever since they came about a couple decades ago, the sales of tankless water heaters has catapulted. One of the main reasons for this is the on-demand supply they provide. There is no storage tank to contend with; these models are connected directly to a heat exchanger and high-powered burner, which give them the ability to provide an unlimited supply of hot water.

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If you have ever been forced to take a cold shower, you can definitely appreciate the decision to upgrade to a tankless water heater. On the other hand, there are many reasons to stay true to the old school types as well. The affordability factor is one of their top advantages; you can purchase a new one for about $500.

Another reason you may want to stick with a traditional water heater is that they tend to use less energy, although this is wholly dependent on the size of the tank and how high the temperature gauge is set. In addition, if you ever want to upgrade to a hybrid water heater, it is very easy to do so with a tank-equipped model.

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