Should I have a plumbing inspection done on my new home?

Benefits of Plumbing Inspection for New Homeowners


Broomall Plumbing InspectionPeople are often excited when they begin the process of buying their first home. The thought of owning a piece of property ignites a sense of accomplishment. However, during this exciting time, new home buyers should plan to make a wise investment into their future. Getting a plumbing inspection by a professional for the new home will prevent many future headaches and stress.

Professional plumbing inspectors can detect problems that most people cannot identify. While many home buyers may look at a slow leak as a minor problem, inspectors know that there may be a deeper, underlying concern. There can be leaky pipes which could lead to damaged wall structures and electrical lines. If pipes are under the house, a flood of water can form. Floods of water under the house can lead to unwanted breeding pests. Also, mold can become a problem which can cause health issues. These health problems can range from allergic reactions to asthma attacks. Plumbing inspectors can prevent many of these problems by warning home buyers before purchase.

Older homes are more at risk to plumbing problems. Older homes, usually over eighty years, are most likely to have older pipes. Old pipes can cause low water pressure. Smelly and discolored water can also be a problem. Houses experiencing low water pressure can indicate problems with previous repairs and frozen pipes. Also, while addressing these problems, plumbing inspectors can inspect and diagnose problems with water heaters. If the home has a bad water heater, it can be replaced before the move-in date.

Lead in pipes can also be a problem. Because people can’t see, taste or smell lead, it should be tested by a professional. Lead located in the pipes can lead to serious health problem. Its poisonous chemical can affect every organ in a human body. Children are very susceptible to becoming ill; therefore, lead problems should be taken care of as soon as possible.┬áHiring a plumbing inspector is mandatory for new home buyers. Not only will an inspection save them money in the future, but buyers will live healthier lives as a result.

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