Plan Your Summer Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation Project with These 3 Tips

Remodeling your bathroom or kitchen not only enhances the attractiveness of a home, but can increase the home’s value, as well. A remodeling project also offers you the chance to incorporate the latest and greatest plumbing and other appliances. Consider the following bathroom and kitchen remodeling tips to get started planning your end-of-summer plumbing renovation project before the season ends.

Budget Accordingly

If you are planning to make smaller, cost-effective changes to your bathroom or kitchen, money might not be a large concern. However, many homeowners might be looking to make large-scale upgrades, such as installing a hot tub, getting a new shower system, or expanding the size of a room. Knowing exactly how much the upgrades you want will cost and how you will fund them will assist you in aligning the project to your budget.

Plan Your Remodel

After you get an accurate idea of how much you can afford to spend on your bathroom or kitchen upgrades, you can move on to making concrete plans to incorporate all the alterations you want to have done. Be sure to take wall and floor measurements, if necessary. You may also want to consider whether your current space can handle the renovations you desire, or if you will have to expand the size of the room to accommodate the installation of new features or appliances.

Optimize for Small Spaces

If you have a small bathroom and don’t have the budget to finance a room expansion at this point, there are numerous ways to optimize the amount of space you already have in your bathroom. Here are a few tips to organizing a bathroom remodel when you have limited room to work with.

Install a corner sink that is situated to the side, which will enable more space for traffic and provide you with the opportunity to create a storage area or have cabinets installed in the space below.

Opt to install a shelf over your toilet that can give you extra room for storage and decorations.

Mount your faucet on the wall by selecting a narrow sink to free up the walking space.