Air Duct Cleaning

Newtown Square Air Duct Cleaning

Take a deep breath. If you think the air quality in your home or building is healthy, you may want to think again. More than likely, there are millions of microscopic particles floating about, including nasty mold and mildew spores. This is usually the case with properties equipped with central heating and cooling systems, and more specifically, the duct lines that connect them.

Never leave your air ducts unattended

Clogged filters and air leaks are the top reasons for Newtown Square air duct issues; when one or both of these problems is present, dirt, dust, and debris are essentially allowed unobstructed entry into your heating and cooling system.

Breathing in these particles may not pose immediate health risks, but the extent to which they do depends on the individual. People with asthma and other respiratory problems especially need to be careful about indoor air quality, which is why the team at McCuen highly recommends having your air ducts in Newtown Square serviced on a regular basis.
Reasons air duct cleaning in Newtown Square is a must

Cleaner air – since it is a very important point, we feel it is worth reiterating. Getting your duct lines cleaned every few years is essential for maintain optimal air quality levels. Of course, the exact interval between cleaning schedules depends on a number of factors (e.g. pets, children, if home or building is located in a dirty or dusty environment, etc.).

A boost in circulation – the removal of dust promotes greater system efficiency, which in turn causes operating costs to decrease and your HVAC equipment to run more smoothly. Sticking to a consistent duct cleaning regimen will ensure freely circulating air through your Newtown Square air ducts.

Significant reduction in energy consumption – it may be hard to believe, but cleaning air ducts that have not been serviced in a long time can reduce usage by up to 40%. Thus, it does not take much to realize the major, positive effects that air duct cleaning can have. For older properties, this is definitely one investment worth making.
The benefits garnered by paying for a Newtown Square air duct cleaning service cannot be stressed enough. McCuen’s team of top HVAC professionals uses commercial-grade equipment to quickly get rid of built-up contamination. Our technicians are certified to work on all types of air duct systems, so call or email today for an up-front quote.

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