Do You Know These Dishwasher Rules?

4446199_sThere are many important appliances in your home, and they all play a big role in making sure you are able to get your household tasks done each day – efficiently.

This is especially helpful during the summer months, when you have a million things to do that are much more fun than clean the house. Not to mention the extra housework of having guests or hosting summertime events.

Many homeowners have a backyard that is well-manicured and conducive to having outdoor cookouts with friends and family over. These gatherings are a great way to spend time with people you may not have time to connect with during other times of the year – but, they also generate a lot of extra dishes.

Having a properly working dishwasher is essential to efficient clean-up of your kitchen after one of these events. And, it can make all the difference for you in spending time with your guests vs. being trapped in the kitchen with a sinkful of dishes.

But, your dishwasher must be properly maintained in order to work efficiently and not add more work to your day. Here are some tips:

Use quality soap and cleaning products in your dishwasher. And, when you can, make sure to use powdered soap instead of gel. The gel does not rinse as clean, and will leave behind a small layer of buildup. Over time, that buildup will begin to grow bacteria, and will wear down the gasket that seals the door of your dishwasher.

Never put items in your dishwasher that will break down during the wash cycle. Things like styrofoam, takeout containers, and plastic containers with paper labels will all break down while the dishwasher is running, and leave behind deposits in the mechanisms.

Resist the temptation to put items in the dishwasher that are still dirty. If your dishes have food particles on them, those food particles will get left behind in the dishwasher and will cause clogs in the washing mechanisms and filter. This will not only will this leave subsequent loads of dishes unclean but, it will cause your dishwasher to break down much faster.


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