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Kitchen Plumbing

Your kitchen is an important and highly used part of your home. From cooking to cleaning and everything in between, the plumbing is integral for all functionality. When you start becoming plagued with plumbing issues you could find yourself with a serious inconvenience. Before becoming stressed, trust in our expert technicians to help restore your home’s kitchen to perfect working order. See what our past customers have to say here, and get the expert services you need today!

What Are Common Issues In Kitchen Plumbing Systems?


Leaks, either from the faucet or the pipes beneath the sink can make a great mess. Sometimes, the homeowner doesn’t even realize it till he or she opens the cabinets under the sink and sees pots and pans filled with filthy water, warped cabinet interiors, or streaks and spots of black mold.


Clogs in drains and garbage disposal units can be another headache. They can be caused by various things including grease, hair, and dirt. They can not only cause serious issues with your plumbing, but also cause the loss of your garbage disposal.

Damaged Fixtures

Over time the fixtures in your kitchen can become damaged. This includes sinks, faucets, and other kitchen accessories. This can create issues like low water pressure, leaks, and simply loss of functionality. In turn, this can cause damage to the plumbing in your home as well as the kitchen itself.

What Types Of Kitchen Utilities Can You Upgrade?

Just about every type of utility that connects to the kitchen plumbing can be upgraded. Old faucets, stained sinks, and modern accessories can all add value and functionality to your homes plumbing. Old pipes can be replaced with PEX pipes, which don’t need Ts or elbows and can hook directly into the source of water. Additionally, you can also buy garbage disposals and dishwashers that are more energy efficient and suited to the needs of your household. Our expert technicians can provide you with the necessary repair and installation solutions you may need for thee upgrades.

How Can Damage In Your Kitchens Plumbing Affect Your Home?

Damage that starts in the kitchen can have a devastating effect on the home. A leak can be so violent that it will not only flood the kitchen but cause serious water damage resulting in mold. A garbage disposal or dishwasher that doesn’t work properly will cause wasted electricity and possible leaks. Don’t let these kitchen plumbing issues wreak havoc on your home. Call John McCuen Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning, Inc. and get the expert services you need today!

Professional Services From John McCuen Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning, Inc.

A homeowner who’s having trouble with his or her kitchen plumbing shouldn’t hesitate to call our expert technicians. We can not only help you with repairs but also provide you with upgrades and professional installations. Our technicians are dedicated to providing all of our customers with the best services possible. Call us today and get your homes kitchen plumbing back into perfect working order!

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