How to Plan a Cost-Effective Bathroom Upgrade This Summer

Having your bathroom appliances upgraded can break a budget quickly. To keep your upcoming summer bathroom renovation project affordable, you’ll need to understand how to avoid unnecessary costs. Look at the following list of ideas to help you plan a reasonably priced bathroom upgrade project this season.


Before planning your budget for your bathroom renovation project, commit to crafting a plan centered around these cost-saving considerations.


  • Select just one appliance, feature, or fixture to splurge on.

  • Be sure to make room in your budget to cover any unforeseen costs, such as having water damage repaired or renting a dumpster to remove debris after your project is complete.

  • Think about renovating your bathroom in phases to give you time to save up money in-between the upgrades.

  • Work with the space you have in your bathroom already, as expanding a room is generally an expensive and time-consuming job.


  • If you must have something replaced, make a point to conduct thorough research and shop around for the best prices. This will allow you to have a complete understanding of all your options before you commit to making a purchase.


Before starting your project, consider these helpful budgeting tips for each upgrade you think about having installed.


Countertops: If you are planning to install a new countertop in your bathroom, consider affordable material options such as tile countertops, granite, or Formica. A simple paint job can also make a major difference in the appearance of your counter, just be sure the paint you decide to purchase works with your countertop’s material.


Decorations: Rather than purchasing a new set of decorations, try revamping your bathroom with items you already have on-hand. Think about transforming your old mirror by having the frame replaced, or simply painting the frame to create an entirely new look. In addition, you can paint your shelving areas a new color instead of spending the money to have new ones installed. If you want to spruce up the room with artwork or additional decorations, take a look around your home for decorative baskets or plants you can use to enhance the style of your space.