How To Get Your Kitchen Ready For The Holiday Activities

32774493_sIs your kitchen ready for the holiday season? This is the time of year when most kitchens get the most use of the entire year.

With this extra food preparation comes more dirty dishes. And, that means more work for your dishwasher. Your dishwasher is an important appliance in your kitchen, especially when it comes to quickly cleaning up from hosting a dinner party.

As important as your dishwasher is it can also be temperamental. Inside of your dishwasher is a filtering system that is meant to trap particles of food that don’t get rinsed off of the dishes all the way. But, this filter can’t handle large particles of food and, if it gets clogged, your dishes will be washed and rinsed in dirty water.

Here are some maintenance tips that you can take to keep your dishwasher in top condition so that it can handle the stress of the holiday use:

  • Check under the kitchen sink where the dishwasher is plugged in and make sure that the plug and all of the wiring look good. If there are any exposed wires or black discoloration around the plug, then you should have your dishwasher serviced immediately. Water and electricity cross paths quite a bit in your kitchen and your dishwasher is no exception. Keeping tabs on the condition of the wiring is an important step to keeping you and your family safe.
  • Your dishwasher is a self-contained unit that has been installed into a pre-cut section of your kitchen counter. This means, that with use and movement it will shift in position. Make sure that your dishwasher is level by opening the door so that it lays flat and placing a level on it. If your dishwasher is not level, it could leak.
  • The rubber seal around the inside of your dishwasher’s door is designed to keep the water inside during wash cycles. Make sure the seal on your machine is in good shape and doesn’t have any mildew or mold built up.

Cooking meals for friends and loved ones is a favorite way to share the holiday spirit. Rushing around town, gathering gifts and ingredients to come home and prepare a delicious meals and put the wrapped presents under the tree is a great way to spend the holiday season. Make sure that your dishwasher is up to the task by following these tips for maintenance.


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