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How can drain cleaning help lower your monthly bills?


Broomall Drain CleaningThe concept of drains affecting monthly bills does not cross many people’s minds. Drains, and clean drains in specific, are an important part of maintaining a healthy home. Regular drain cleaning works to the advantage of the homeowner and prevents potential damage and harm. Still, how does it save on monthly bills?

Before we can answer the question, there are a couple of important things to consider. Drains remove water from the home. Drains that are clogged or suffer from build up allow water to remain in the pipes longer leading to stagnant water that attracts odors, insects and allow disease into the home. The reason why most people don’t consider drains having an effect is due to the fact that most people do not realize there is a problem till the drain backs up. The connection between drain and monthly bills is subtle, so it goes unnoticed.

The best illustration of where regularly cleaned drains can save a homeowner money is the family toilet. If there drain is suffering from buildup, this buildup slows the removal of water from the home. Typically, this causes the homeowner to use repeated flushes to force the water through. This increases the water bill of the home. A similar situation occurs with slow shower drains. The water drains slowly, leaving residue in the shower causing the shower to be cleaned more often leading to more water use than should normally occur if the drains were clean.

Most people do not look at their homes as an integrated system, but it is one. Failure or damage to one part can have a profound effect on another part. In fact a home is a series of systems, such as the electrical system and plumbing system. It is easy to tell when the electrical system is in need of attention but often the plumbing system has to fail for the homeowner to notice. Regular drain cleanings are a way to help prevent failure leading to a clean running plumbing system and therefore an overall healthier home. While it might not seem like much, an extra gallon here or a little more water there; however, it all adds up over time. Ultimately costing the homeowner money.

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