Heating & Cooling Companies: What You Need to Know

What To Look For When Hiring a Heating & Cooling Company


Heating & Cooling CompaniesWhen your heating or cooling system breaks down, it may be tempting to hire anyone who offers to fix it. This could lead to a shoddy job and more repair work later on, so before hiring anyone, consider the following 3 things.


Most states grant licenses to contractors, and they can have very stringent standards for the contractors they grant them to. For instance, California makes applicants sit for 2 exams. Meanwhile, Kentucky requires applicants to earn layers of licenses: one for being an apprentice, one for being a journeyman, and one for being a master. Some states have made deals with other states to allow licenses to apply in both places. In those cases, licenses are only transferable between the states that have the agreement.

Asking if the contractor is licensed in the state that he or she is working goes a long way towards making sure the contractor is qualified for what he or she is hired to do.


Broomall HVACExperience is important. Heating and cooling system repair people often learn everything they know on the job, and most licensing boards require that applicants have spent a certain number of years working at their trade. Most states require at least 2 years on the job, and many states require more. California won’t let someone sit for the exams unless they have 4 years of experience and Kentucky wants a person to have had the journeyman license for 2 years before that person can apply for the master’s license. There are certified trade schools that teach air conditioning system repair and such, but an apprentice still needs to get experience in the field. Ask about the contractor’s level of experience before hiring the contractor.


Most states require that a contractor pay at least liability insurance. There are states, such as Maryland, that demand that contractors carry property damage insurance, too. Insurance is frequently part of the state licensing requirements. Asking about insurance can provide peace of mind by proving that an insurance company considers the contractor a good risk. It will also protect against accidents.

A little research can save people trouble, so try checking the state licensing board before hiring and question your contractor. Then your air conditioner will get the love it needs.

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