Heating and Cooling Summer Maintenance Tips for Homeowners Part 2

Your home is likely your biggest investment, and like all other investments, it requires ongoing care and maintenance to retain its value. Knowing that your plumbing and cooling appliances are at the heart of a safe and functional home, the importance of setting aside time to perform standard upkeep procedures in these systems becomes undeniably clear. But when schedules change and life gets hectic in the summer, it is easy to lose sight of these routine upkeep tasks, which can cause unpleasantly high repair bills in the future.

To help you keep track of your summer routine maintenance tasks, review part two of our comprehensive summer plumbing, cooling, and heating maintenance checklist listed below.

Look for Leaky Faucets

Make time to go through your home and examine each faucet, beginning with your sinks. Keep in mind that a faucet leak may not be overtly noticeable, so consider leaving a small bowl below the faucet for a while to check for any water accumulation. If you discover a leak in the faucet, take steps to repair it now to preserve water and reduce the chances of your utility bills rising this season.

Check Your Appliances

When considering everything a home’s appliances do every day, many homeowners realize how much time and exertion their major devices save them on a daily basis. To keep them in good condition, they will need to be cared for regularly. In addition to checking your kitchen and bathroom appliances thoroughly for any signs of leaks, here are a few key appliances you’ll want to check up on this season.

Refrigerator and Freezer: Make sure the condenser coils are dust-free, and remember to switch out the water and air filter if necessary for your unit. In addition, check to be sure the fridge gasket is clean and covered adequately.

Dishwasher: Make a point to cleanse your dishwasher’s filter to extract hard water sediments. While you’re at it, clean your unit’s food trap every two to three months.

Washer and Dryer: Look at your unit’s exhaust vent once a year at the least to check for lint accumulation. If necessary, clean your units to reduce the risk of a fire.

Garbage Disposal: Your garbage disposal is bound to be working overtime as you host summertime events, which is why now is the ideal time to get it professionally inspected and serviced to make sure it continues working properly throughout the summer and into the fall.