Follow These Tips To Keep Your Plumbing System Working Great!

27544058 - plumbing sign with house, tap and spanner in frame

27544058 – plumbing sign with house, tap and spanner in frame

With the holiday season in full effect, many families are starting to spend more time indoors staying warm and comfortable.

This is the time of year when the outdoor activity starts to slow down in favor of things like eating meals together and having family game nights.

While this might not seem like something you should be concerned with, having a plumbing disaster definitely is. And, your plumbing system is at greater risk for a malfunction this time of year than any other time of year.

Here are a few things that you can do to make sure that your plumbing system doesn’t fall victim to a serious malfunction this winter and holiday season:

Protect your garbage disposal from serious clogs and damage by making sure that you put all food garbage into the garbage can and not down the garbage disposal. Your garbage disposal is a fragile piece of equipment that can easily become damaged and get clogged. You need to protect it during the high volume use time of winter by putting the food garbage in the trash can and not down the disposal drain

If your plumbing has been showing signs of malfunction or damage – make sure you talk with a professional plumber sooner than later. It is important not to risk your plumbing system by letting even small problems go unrepaired. The winter months and the cold weather is when you will really see small plumbing issues escalating to major problems.

During the winter months there really is no other alternative to cooking dinner than using the oven or stove. During the summer, you can throw some food on the BBQ grill and have an easy clean-up. But, during the winter, it is too cold to BBQ and you must bake or fry your food. This leave animal leftovers and you should never pour those down the kitchen sink drain.

Protect your home from serious plumbing disasters this winter by following these simple tips. Enjoy your holiday season and avoid a plumbing disruption!

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