Why Is My Faucet Dripping?

What Causes Leaky Faucets?


Faucet RepairFaucets tend to wear down because we use them so often around our home, business, outside, and many other places where we need water. Faucets are an essential need of our daily living, but a leaky faucet can be very annoying and a waste of good water. While there are a vast amount of reasons that cause leaky faucets, a few of the very common reasons include a cracked seal or worn out rubber washer which can happen with faucets under constant pressure and use. Other types of faucets sealed with O-rings tend to leak after wear and tear of high water pressure.

Usually the first sign is constant leaking at the base of a faucet. Replacing the cartridge is the next best thing to this annoying problem. Plus water leaks can cause water bills to rise and not even realize how easily these leaks can hype a water bill at the end of the month. The size of the cartridge is important when replacing because they are not all the same. Trying to do it yourself without the proper tools or knowledge of the intricate difficulty of replacing these small parts can cause improper fitting and installation. Corrosion is another well known problem causing faucet water leaks. Accumulation of water sediments on the valve seat can cause a leaky faucet too. Regular cleaning can prevent this problem from happening. Ignoring a leaky faucet can create other costly expenses in the long run.

The best solution to a leaky faucet, is to call a professional plumber that can easily configure what is causing a leak on your faucet eliminating the guessing, improper installation, and trips back and forth to the hardware store. Ask a plumber for advise if you’re determined to do it yourself. While some leaks can be easily be fixed, others can have more damage. A professional plumber has the expertise to lead you in the right direction, and advise you properly. Most plumbers are happy to share their expertise and ideas for a solution to your problem. After all a leaky faucet is like money down the drain!

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