What is the difference between tank and tankless water heaters?

Differences Between a Traditional Water Heater and Tankless


Water Heater InstallationWith more people each year looking to conserve energy and preserve the planets resources, they are looking inside the home at the hot water heater to start. The traditional hot water heater is one of the appliances that uses the most energy in the home. Regardless the season, that tank must heat several dozen gallons of water at a moments notice. This requires that system to run day and night, every single day of the year. The newer tankless systems only use energy on demand. When hot water is needed, the system turns on to instantly provide the water at the appropriate temperature. Here are just a few of the differences of both systems.

The traditional hot water heater is large in size and usually is placed in the garage. The unit is rather easy to install, requiring a connection to the water source and a power source. The heating elements ensure that the temperature of all that stored water is consistently at that desired temperature. If the water cools slightly throughout the day, the heater kicks on and heats the water until it is hot again. The tankless heater is small by comparison, able to be installed under a sink, on a wall in a closet, or in must smaller confined locations. This unit heats water on demand, only running as the hot water is needed.

The biggest difference between the two units is the cost. While traditional water heaters are inexpensive to purchase and install, they use a tremendous amount of energy each day to ensure that the water is properly heated. The tankless water heater system is quite expensive to purchase and must be installed by a professional. This system has several components that make it a much more complicated process. Proper venting and additional power sources may be needed, so it is understandable why this process to install is costly. Manufacturers claim that after a few years of use, the savings in energy costs should offset the cost of the installation. Be sure to ask the manufacturer for their numbers so you can better make that determination based on your families water consumption.

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