Clogged Toilet Repairs

Clogged Toilet Repair in Broomall

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Toilet Clog Repair

Your toilet performs the important duty of removing unsanitary waste from your home and depositing it in local sewer lines. This simple flushing apparatus can become clogged over time, filling your toilet with fumes, liquid, and solid waste, that must be disposed of properly. John McCuen Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning, Inc. wants you to have a clean and sanitary bathroom at all times. We serve our customers in Broomall, PA and the surrounding areas with industry leading services. If your toilet has a tendency to clog, we can help you thwart this offensive problem. Don’t take our word for it. See what your neighbors are saying here!

What Causes Clogs In Your Toilets?

Although toilet paper is meant to be flushed, a toilet cannot remove excessive paper amounts and often results in a clog. Other clogging agents are considered foreign bodies. They do not belong in the toilet in the first place. Cotton balls, baby wipes, hair, food, and small toys are typically found in clogged toilets by professional plumbers. Similarly, feminine hygiene products are often marked as toilet-safe, excluding pads, but they can easily clog the pipes as well. Clogs happen from time to time and we are here to help you fix your plumbing with as little discomfort as possible.

How Can Toilet Clogs Affect Your Home?

A clogged toilet can lead to flooding in your bathroom, causing widespread flooring and drywall damage. The clog may be lodged even further in your plumbing, creating a blockage in the mainline, for example. One major symptom of mainline blockage is toilets and sinks all clogging at the same time. Similarly when suffering from a clogged toilet you can be left with disgusting standing water that can cutivate bacterias in your home. Our expert technicians can provide you home with efficient and professional toilet repair services today!

How Do Our Technicians Perform Clogged Toilet Repairs?

We attack your clog with simple measures first. A plunger, for example, may need a professional’s touch to move that pesky clog down the line. If we cannot dislodge the clog with a plunger, we often use a specialized detergent to effectively degrease the plumbing pipes and dissolve the blockage away. Using detergent and water, we fill your toilet line and allow it to soak through for several minutes. This strategy works well for hair clogs and other organic matter. An electric or manual auger is often used as a last resort on a stubborn clog. Comprised of a flexible metal cord, a 50 foot auger is slowly snaked into your toilet and plumbing line to physically dislodge the blockage. Once we feel that the clog is dislodged, we’ll test your toilet for proper functioning.

Why Choose John McCuen Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning, Inc. For Clogged Toilet Repairs?

When it comes to clogged toilet issues getting professional and efficient repair services is imperative. Our expert technicians are experienced and knowledgeable in all repair aspects regarding clogged toilets. We will thoroughly inspect your home’s toilet and find the source of the issue. Once our technicians find the source of the leak we will provide a valid and efficient repair service to restore the flow of water in no time.

As homeowners we understand how challenging a clogged toilet can be. From discomfort to the disgust of spilling water, a toilet clog is no laughing matter. Our technicians goal is to ensure your homes comfort and efficiency. This is why we provide industry leading toilet repair services at all times!

Is a clogged toilet in Broomall or surrounding giving you trouble? Call John McCuen Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning, Inc. at (610) 325-9395 to get industry leading services today!