Keep Your Home Cool and Your Energy Bill Reasonable This Summer

As the temperatures continue to climb, many homeowners will be looking for ways to keep cool while keeping their energy bills at affordable levels. Here is a list of five steps you can employ to save money on your energy bill without forfeiting the comfort of your home:

Upgrade Your Old Air-Conditioning Units

If you own an older A/C unit but haven’t been maintaining it, consider replacing it with an improved model. Energy Star-rated HVAC models use up to 50 percent less energy than other models, which can offset the replacement expenses by a large margin in the long run.

Purchase a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats enable you to manage your HVAC system when you aren’t physically inside of your home. You can establish thermostat settings in accordance to your specific schedule, so you can minimize energy use while you are away and still come home to a pleasant temperature. You can use programmable thermostats to set distinct temperature zones for rooms throughout your home to maximize your energy preservation efforts.

Check and Replace Air Filters

Dirty air filters can hinder airflow and reduce the effectiveness of your HVAC system. You should replace the unit’s air filters each month to keep your system functioning properly throughout the summer.

Shield Your Unit From Sun Exposure and Debris

A tree can help shade your HVAC unit and reduce the amount of energy it needs to consume when operating. While this can improve its overall functionality, remember that branches or particles can infiltrate your unit, disrupt its operation, and potentially cause lasting damage.

Keep Your Vents Uncovered and Clean

Vents in your home are prone to accidentally being closed or covered when cleaned. If you notice a particularly warm room or section of your home, double check that all the vents are open, so they can distribute cold air effectively.

Keeping your vents clean can also help prevent dust, dirt, and miscellaneous debris from circulating throughout your house. Check both the inside and outside of the house to make sure your vents and air filters are clean and can sustain a healthy airflow.


Advantages of Duct Cleaning

Advantages of Duct Cleaning

Advantages of Duct CleaningNo matter what type of heating system you have, duct cleaning is much more important than you may realize. In fact, there are several advantages of duct cleaning that you probably haven’t even considered. From lowering bills to improving your family’s health, regular duct cleaning has numerous benefits and is a major part of maintaining your heating system that you shouldn’t be skipping.

  • Better Airflow. Improved airflow is the most obvious benefit of keeping your heating system’s ducts clean, but do you know why clean air ducts are so important? First, it improves the efficiency of your system. This can lower your heating bills and ensure that your heating system has optimal performance.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality. When your heating ducts are filled with dust and debris, the quality of your indoor air suffers considerably. Pollutants in your ducts are constantly circulated throughout your home, potentially making allergies worse and even distributing unpleasant smells.
  • Early Detection of Problems. Having the ducts in your home professionally cleaned on a regular basis provides an opportunity for a technician to examine this crucial part of your heating system and detect potential problems before they turn into major headaches.

Professional Duct Cleaning in Broomall, PA 

When you’re in need of professional duct cleaning in Broomall, PA or the surrounding areas, there simply is no better choice than John McCuen, Inc. When you trust our technicians, you can be sure that the job will be done correctly. Our technicians also perform inspections for leaks and other problems while cleaning to ensure optimal performance for your heating system.

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7 Heat Pump Tips For You!

7 Heat Pump Tips For New Users

 What Is A Heat Pump?

Broomall HVACA heat pump is any device that is capable of transforming an environment from a lower temperature to a higher temperature. Heat pumps work by allowing the heat particles to be moved from one place to another while inverting their natural heat levels to higher ones on a constant basis. Heat pumps are a combination of closed circuits which carry special fluids. The fluid is carried in a liquid state which consists of one of two things, either an Electrical heat pump, or a Gas absorption heat pump.The Electrical heat pumps works through a compressor, a condenser, an expansion valve, and an evaporator. The condensation allows the special fluid to flow from the compressor from a gaseous state to a liquid state. The expansion then lets the liquid pass through the expansion valve, which cools down the liquid and transforms its state into a vaporous one. The evaporator absorbs all the vaporous heat and completely evaporates it.

The Gas absorption heat pump works by using the condensation process to pass the refrigerant liquid from a gaseous state to a liquid one by using water and air. The expansion lets the fluid pass through cooled narrows, which is followed by the evaporation process which completely evaporates the water and air, which ends up transforming it back to a gaseous state.

7 Ways A Heat Pump Can Be Used

1. Reduce costs – A heat pump is much easier to install due to its small size, and it is very cost efficient, making it much cheaper than any other traditional method.

2. It lasts longer – Although it lasts a little longer to get a room to the temperature you want with a heat pump, once that temperature is reached, it stays that way for a long time and the heat pump is no longer needed.

3. Very little noise – A heat pump makes a little noise, but it’s the best way to know when its working and when its not.

4. Don’t worry about the outside temperature – Once a heat pump brings the room temperature to the desired level,the outside temperature will have a hard time coming in and making it freezing again.

Heat Pump5. Easier maintenance due to indoor mounting – Since most heat pumps are installed around snowy areas, it can be easily maintained by installing them inside the property instead of outdoors.

6. Easy to install pipes – The pipes used in a heat pump are very small and easily installed.

7. It works in a cold environment or a hot environment – Whether you are in terrible heat or cold, the heat pump will work to adjust the temperature.

Find out more about heat pumps by requesting information on how to get your very own heat pump installed.

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Heating & Cooling Companies: What You Need to Know

What To Look For When Hiring a Heating & Cooling Company


Heating & Cooling CompaniesWhen your heating or cooling system breaks down, it may be tempting to hire anyone who offers to fix it. This could lead to a shoddy job and more repair work later on, so before hiring anyone, consider the following 3 things.


Most states grant licenses to contractors, and they can have very stringent standards for the contractors they grant them to. For instance, California makes applicants sit for 2 exams. Meanwhile, Kentucky requires applicants to earn layers of licenses: one for being an apprentice, one for being a journeyman, and one for being a master. Some states have made deals with other states to allow licenses to apply in both places. In those cases, licenses are only transferable between the states that have the agreement.

Asking if the contractor is licensed in the state that he or she is working goes a long way towards making sure the contractor is qualified for what he or she is hired to do.


Broomall HVACExperience is important. Heating and cooling system repair people often learn everything they know on the job, and most licensing boards require that applicants have spent a certain number of years working at their trade. Most states require at least 2 years on the job, and many states require more. California won’t let someone sit for the exams unless they have 4 years of experience and Kentucky wants a person to have had the journeyman license for 2 years before that person can apply for the master’s license. There are certified trade schools that teach air conditioning system repair and such, but an apprentice still needs to get experience in the field. Ask about the contractor’s level of experience before hiring the contractor.


Most states require that a contractor pay at least liability insurance. There are states, such as Maryland, that demand that contractors carry property damage insurance, too. Insurance is frequently part of the state licensing requirements. Asking about insurance can provide peace of mind by proving that an insurance company considers the contractor a good risk. It will also protect against accidents.

A little research can save people trouble, so try checking the state licensing board before hiring and question your contractor. Then your air conditioner will get the love it needs.

We want to make sure our Broomall customers are happy, so leave the heating and cooling projects up to John McCuen Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning . Don’t delay and call (610) 325-9395 today!

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Why you should get a high efficiency AC unit for your home


Broomall AC InstallationWhen you have a hot summer coming up, you know it’s time to get your AC unit running. Unfortunately, what also runs is your electricity bill, and you often pay for comfort in the form of a higher bill. Learn about the many reasons why a high efficiency AC unit may be just the thing you need to enjoy the cool air and keep money in your wallet at the same time.

High efficiency AC units not only help cool you effectively all summer season long, but they are cost effective as well. Their design allows them to cool your home in a more convenient way so you use less energy, which you see reflected on your electric bill.

Another reason to consider a high efficiency AC unit for your home is that they work longer and cool better than traditional AC units. Many high efficiency AC units also come with remote settings so you can control when and how cool your home is at all times. This allows you to cool your home when you are home and not waste energy when you away and in general gives you more freedom with your AC unit at all times.

Upgrade ACFinally, a high efficiency AC unit in your home can actually increase the value of your home greatly. A simple investment in a high efficiency AC unit can mean several thousand dollars in increased value of your home, which you can enjoy should you every choose to refinance or sell your home. Many potential home buyers seek homes that are more eco-friendly, and a home that features a high efficiency AC unit helps you accomplish just that.

There are many reasons why a high efficiency AC unit for your home can benefit you. With energy cost savings, more control over how cool you keep your home, and actual increased value in your home, it’s easy to see why installing a high efficiency AC unit in your home is a wise choice. Consider getting a high efficiency AC unit in your own home, and see what one can do for you.

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What are the Benefits of AC Repair Services?

Benefits of AC Repair Services


AC RepairPeople are rarely willing to go without the comfort of an air conditioner and with good reason. Unfortunately, AC units break down, the possible causes ranging from low Freon to clogged vents. Worse yet, most homeowners neither have the tools nor the know-how to get their unit up and running again. The good news is there is an alternative that comes with a number of benefits, AC repair services.

Air Conditioner Health

The sweltering heat of summertime is more than just uncomfortable, the scorching temperatures often dangerous. This is particularly true for people with medical conditions, such as upper respiratory or heart conditions. However, even individuals who seem perfectly healthy can begin to feel under the weather if their air conditioner isn’t doing its job. In short, one undeniable benefit of AC repair services is not only relaxing in cool comfort but better health for those enjoying an air condition running in optimal condition.

Professional Know-How

There is definitely something to be said for a Do-It-Yourself attitude, people with a can-do mentality often very successful. That being said, some jobs are better left to the professionals. An air conditioner in need of repairs is a prime example, the complex the AC system the more likely people are to get in over their heads. There is also the benefit of professional know-how, AC technicians able to diagnose the issue, determine the best solution and have the unit back in working order in the blink of an eye. More importantly, their work is often guaranteed whereas repair the air conditioner oneself means no certainties.

Regular Maintenance Security

A simple part of life is household appliances breakdown, the more they’re used the faster they wear down. However, regular maintenance performed by professional AC technician can help keep the air conditioner working at optimal performance. This is perhaps the greatest benefit of all, ensuring homeowners have less to worry about while in their home.

If you are in need of AC repair services, call John McCuen Plumbing & Heating & Air at (610) 325-9395 today. Our experienced technicians will handle the issue quickly and efficiently in your Broomall home! 

What are signs that my AC needs a tune-up?

Signs That Your AC Needs a Tune-up


AC Tune-UpDuring warm-weather months, air conditioners are prone to overuse, and can often display warning signs of impending problems that go unnoticed until the unit stops working altogether. Being without air conditioning for hours, or even days, until repairs can be made can be more than uncomfortable, and may even lead to health and safety risks. To ensure that your system is running smoothly throughout the year, look for the following indications for the necessity of an AC tune-up.

Unfamiliar Noises

Most homeowners are familiar with the buzzing, clanking, and banging sounds that indicate a problem with their unit, but always have any unfamiliar noise checked out, even if it starts out small and unobtrusive. These warning signs may indicate a problem with the fan, blower, or compressor, and require immediate attention.

Limited Airflow

Homeowners are often puzzled when an air conditioning unit still runs outdoors but no longer blows adequate air into the house. The problem may lie with a motor or fan in the system that has stopped working, a dirty filter, or a combination of issues.


Air conditioner leakage is often ignored because homeowners believe it to be a non-issue. However, it may be the result of a drain blockage, and can also signal improper installation.

Warm Air

An air conditioner that has stopped blowing cool air may have a dirty filter or coil, be improperly maintained outdoors, or be low on refrigerant. When this happens, homeowners may also notice that the outdoor unit has frozen up.

Inconsistent or Continuous Running

If a unit is shutting off and on abruptly, is running inconsistently rather than maintaining the indicated temperature in the home, or is running continuously, several technical factors could be at play. A professional assessment will be required to pinpoint the problem.

Call an HVAC Repair Specialist

Misdiagnosing the source of an air unit’s problem can be a costly mistake, and attempting repairs yourself is always a health risk. Trust a HVAC repair specialist to check for any existing problems and ensure that your air conditioner runs properly, especially as the temperature rises and unit usage dramatically increases.

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How should I choose an HVAC technician?

Choosing an HVAC Contractor the Easy Way


HVACChoosing the right HVAC contractor is extremely important when you are looking to get a get a furnace or air conditioning system. There are many competitors in this field but the first thing that you need to do is determine whether a contractor has the necessary expertise and resources to get the job done well. This can be done through inquiry or research. Inquiry requires a little research just to find out what exact type of climate control system you want. Once that is done you can call any HVAC company and and ask if they have the capabilities to install your chosen unit. Unless, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” then you know this company does not have the equipment or expertise necessary to get the job done right.

Research is a second approach and one that can come in many forms. The first is the internet. People write tons of reviews about everything and that includes HVAC companies. Websites like and have detailed reviews, ratings, and even How To’s. Do not allow any company to give you a quote without knowing what it “should” cost. If you do not feel like researching then the best option is to simply look up the average price for the job you want done and make sure it matches the offers you get. Finally, research may involve looking at the company’s membership of organizations like Air Conditioning Contractors of America.

However, the best kind of research comes from friends and family. There are at least half a dozen people in your social groups that have needed and HVAC contractor at one time or another. Who better to ask than someone you trust and care about? He or she can steer you in the right direction by telling you who to avoid, who did an excellent job, and who had the fairest price.

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What happens if I don’t change my air filter?

The Importance Of Changing Your Air Filter in a Timely Manner

Air FilterIt is important to change your air filter in a timely manner to prevent debris from damaging the air conditioner, your home, and your family’s health, and your budget. Any particle that makes it past the air filter makes it into the air conditioning parts and the air your family breathes. A clean air filter protects your home and saves you money.

Dirty air filters reduce the amount of air that can flow through the air conditioner. This reduction of air flow reduces the overall effectiveness of the air conditioner. Air can’t be cooled or blown if it never makes it into the air conditioner. While the air conditioning unit will continue to try to pull in air and cool it, it will pull in the dirty particles from the clogged filter instead. If a filter is dirty enough, it can possibly contaminate the compressor and coils. When this happens, the air conditioning unit will shut down completely.

Air ducts are frequently contaminated when air filters are not changed on time. Cleaning air ducts requires more time, effort, and money than changing an air filter. Dirty air filters force the air conditioner to work harder to cool or never cool at all. This forces the air conditioner to use more electricty and freon. It forces the heater to use more electricity or fuel. Every day your air filter is dirty is an increase in your utility bills.

The debris in the filter moves to the ducts and is blown throughout the home. These particles cause allergic reactions like watery eyes, itchy skin, sore throat, and respiratory problems including asthma. While everyone does not suffer from allergies, all homes can be completely ruined when mold contaminates the building. When mold and mildew contaminate a house, it can be extremely expensive to remove it.

Just like you need air to breathe, air conditioners need a clean air filter to run properly. It is your home’s first line of defense against debris and harmful air particles. You protect your wallet and your family when the air filter is changed in a timely manner.

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Where can I find the right HVAC contractor for me?

How To Make Sure You’re Hiring The Right HVAC Contractor


Broomall HVAC ContractorAir conditioners are a very important part of life for many people. In the past, people used to rely on nature to control the temperatures of their living spaces, but now most people use air conditioners. This is why it is very important for a person to hire the right HVAC contractor when they are having a problem with their AC. If a person does not hire the right contractor, a simple problem with their AC can morph into them having to buy a new AC after a bad contractor looks at it; and the bad contractor will still have to be paid for their time.

If a person wants to make sure that they always get a good HVAC contractor, they need to look for licensed HVAC businesses with licensed HVAC repairmen. Once people find these two things, they are on the right track to making sure that nothing goes wrong when their hire an HVAC specialist. After a person finds these two things, the next thing they have to look for is experience. The best way for a person to make sure that they get exactly what they want out of an HVAC contractor, is for them to only use a contractor that has years of experience fixing HVAC units. If a person finds a licensed professional with the right experience, they don’t have to worry when they call them to fix their AC problem.

Once a person has found somebody that is right for the job, the next thing they have to do is make sure that they are getting a good price for the service they want. If a person only looks at good HVAC businesses in order to find contractors, they don’t have to worry about getting robbed out of their money. The only time people have to worry about getting robbed out of their money, is when they are do business with services that are not licensed, and don’t have licensed professionals working for them.

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