How can I make sure I’m hiring the right plumber?

Questions You Should Ask A Plumber Before Hiring One


Broomall PlumberWhen the need for a Broomall plumber arises, few stop to think about the quality and reputation of the plumber they are calling. For most, it is whoever answers the phone and can get there the quickest. That is why it is important to have a plumber of choice that a family knows they can depend on. By doing a bit of research before a plumbing situation occurs, it is easy to find a plumber that not only can do the job well, but has a great reputation. All too often people get ahold of plumber that doesn’t do the best work or overcharges. Here are some tips and things to ask your next plumber before you hire them.

How Long Have You Been In Business? While this may seem like a traditional question, the length of time that a business has been in place is important. It speaks volumes about their service, reputation and prices. A company that services the community with fair pricing and great service work, will be around for a long time. Not all new companies are bad, everyone has to start somewhere. However, stick with someone who has history.

Are Your Plumbers All Certified or Properly Trained? There are many people who can work on plumbing, and some well. However, belonging to a plumbers and pipe fitters union or having some other sort of certification is important. This means these technicians are well trained and can service most plumbing issues. Ask what certifications they require for their employees. In an emergency, you want a technician who knows what they are doing.

How Much Do You Charge Per Hour? Most plumbers charge an hourly rate. If called in after hours, the rate usually goes up significantly. Find out the rates up front.

What Is The Turn Around Time? During a plumbing crisis, you want a company who responds quickly. When you have water gushing through your home, a couple hour wait may be too long. Some companies offer 30 minute guarantees or so. Find out their response time.

What Kind of Equipment Do You Use? Technology is constantly changing, and the plumbing field is no different. Find out what kind of apparatuses they use. Things like the camera that can go into drain lines, can save you a ton of money in diagnosing and fixing the problem. These plumbers don’t have to guess, they can zero in on the exact problem.

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