4 Reasons Your Furnace Might Not Work This Fall

If you’ve lived in Bromall, Pennsylvania, long, you know it’s a good idea to test your furnace well ahead of cold weather. The first time the temperature drops, everyone in town will switch on the heat. For some people who didn’t think ahead, the heat won’t come on. Heating and air conditioning companies will be swamped with calls, and there are only so many technicians available. Some families will be stuck shivering in the cold while they wait their turn for service. But what happens if you switch your thermostat to heat on the first fall day, and you find out you have a problem? Here are some reasons your furnace might not be working.

Electrical Issues

 Even if you have a gas furnace, it still requires power. If you switch on your thermostat and nothing happens, you might have loose or corroded wires in your unit or in the thermostat. Make sure your thermostat is set to heat, check your electrical box for a blown circuit breaker, and examine wiring leading to your furnace. If you see loose wires, contact an expert immediately.

Pilot Light Is Out

 If the blower goes on but all you get is cold air, check to see if you can see the blue flame of the pilot light. If you don’t see a flame, the furnace may simply need to be relit.

Dirty Filters

 Filters should be changed every 30 to 90 days. Dirty filters make your furnace work harder to push out warm air, which wears it out faster. If your furnace doesn’t seem to be putting out much heat, check the filters. If your furnace frequently switches between hot and cold, that also may indicate a clogged filter.

Mechanical Problems

 If your furnace thumps, bumps, or squeals, it may have mechanical issues. Call an expert right away so a mechanical issue doesn’t lead to system failure.

 Have your heating and air conditioning systems checked twice a year to prevent major issues. With regular maintenance, you’ll never have to wonder if your heater is ready for the cold weather ahead. Contact John McCuen, Inc. for plumbing, heating, and air conditioning in Bromall, PA, and throughout the area.





7 Ways To Make Sure Your Plumbing Is Protected

plumber-1966497_1280Unfortunately, the holiday season is over but we still have several weeks left of the cold weather season. This is the time of year when many homeowners like to plan vacations and trips out of town to see loved ones.

Taking a vacation this time of the year is a great way to recover from the stress and Chaos of the holiday season as well as a time to get away from the cold weather and go somewhere that is warmer.  However, you do have to leave one thing behind and that is your home.

Many people are concerned about what condition their home will be in when they get back.  This is especially true during the winter time as a frozen and subsequently broken pipe is not unusual.

If you are planning a trip away from home this winter and you’re worried about a pipe freezing and bursting while you are gone – make sure to take these precautions:

  • There is a product called heat tape that can be installed and will warm pipes as needed during cold weather. While you could do this yourself, you may want to consult with an Indianapolis plumber to learn some best practices.
  • Seal leaks that allow cold air into your home where pipes are located. Look for air leaks around electrical wiring, dryer vents, and pipes. Use caulk or insulation to keep the cold out. With severe cold, even a tiny opening can let in enough cold air to cause a pipe to freeze.
  • Prevent temperatures from dropping below 32 degrees in any areas of your home where water lines are located.
  • If you still have concerns about your system, call a licensed plumber and ask them to come to your home and advise you about how to prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Keep a small drip of water coming out of your faucets to make sure that water doesn’t stand still and freeze
  • Keep your cupboards doors open to allow warm air to get inside and battle against the freezing temperatures
  • Keep the thermostat in your home set to 55 degrees to make sure that your pipes stay warm but your power bill doesn’t go off budget

Make sure to implement some of the precautions before you set off on your winter vacation. This will give your home some protection and will give you and your family some peace of mind.


6 Ways To Avoid A Plumbing Disaster This Winter

34463361_s (1)For most people, this is the time of year when spending time with friends and family is top of the to-do list.

Not only are there holidays to celebrate but the cold weather lends itself to staying indoors and spending quality time with loved ones.

Often, that quality time is spent sharing meals and enjoying each other’s company around the table. While the kitchen may be the heart of the home, it is also the part of the home that is the most vulnerable to plumbing disaster during the winter months.

Most specifically, a clogged garbage disposal is the number one reason that emergency plumbers are called to provide support to homeowners during the winter months.

Not only is there a lot more meal preparation and cleanup happening during the winter months but, there is also the fact that the foods that are prepared this time of the year are root vegetables and starchy foods with thick peels.

All of this leads to extra wear and tear on your garbage disposal and eventually, serious clogs. Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to protect your plumbing system and garbage disposal from falling victim to a serious clog this winter:


  • Always run the water when using your garbage disposal. Running it dry could lead to clogs because the water helps to push all of the pulp and materials down the drain.
  • Keep in mind that your disposal, kitchen sink, and dishwasher all use the same drain. Be mindful of what you are putting into each of these sections of your plumbing system as the single drain could become overwhelmed easily
  • Make sure to always put vegetable peelings, meat bones and scraps, and oil or grease into the garbage can. Putting these items into the garbage disposal could quickly lead to a serious problem.
  • Pour a pot of boiling water into your garbage disposal drain at least one time per month as a preventative maintenance measure.
  • Use small pieces of citrus peels and ice cubes to keep your disposal clean and fresh
  • Consider starting a composting bucket for your home to get rid of the biodegradable items that are not able to go into your disposal drain

Your disposal is an important part of your winter weather comfort. Make sure you are using it properly and not putting anything at risk. Follow these simple tips for best practices.

Follow These Tips To Keep Your Plumbing System Working Great!

27544058 - plumbing sign with house, tap and spanner in frame

27544058 – plumbing sign with house, tap and spanner in frame

With the holiday season in full effect, many families are starting to spend more time indoors staying warm and comfortable.

This is the time of year when the outdoor activity starts to slow down in favor of things like eating meals together and having family game nights.

While this might not seem like something you should be concerned with, having a plumbing disaster definitely is. And, your plumbing system is at greater risk for a malfunction this time of year than any other time of year.

Here are a few things that you can do to make sure that your plumbing system doesn’t fall victim to a serious malfunction this winter and holiday season:

Protect your garbage disposal from serious clogs and damage by making sure that you put all food garbage into the garbage can and not down the garbage disposal. Your garbage disposal is a fragile piece of equipment that can easily become damaged and get clogged. You need to protect it during the high volume use time of winter by putting the food garbage in the trash can and not down the disposal drain

If your plumbing has been showing signs of malfunction or damage – make sure you talk with a professional plumber sooner than later. It is important not to risk your plumbing system by letting even small problems go unrepaired. The winter months and the cold weather is when you will really see small plumbing issues escalating to major problems.

During the winter months there really is no other alternative to cooking dinner than using the oven or stove. During the summer, you can throw some food on the BBQ grill and have an easy clean-up. But, during the winter, it is too cold to BBQ and you must bake or fry your food. This leave animal leftovers and you should never pour those down the kitchen sink drain.

Protect your home from serious plumbing disasters this winter by following these simple tips. Enjoy your holiday season and avoid a plumbing disruption!

4 Ways To Ensure Your Family Has A Properly Working Plumbing System This Winter

36778918_sThere are many things that homeowners can do during the fall to ensure that they home is ready for the winter weather.

The summer weather presents its own set of wear and tear risks for your home – but, the winter is especially harsh on the various systems used to make your house run.

While your heating system gets used a lot during the winter weather – your plumbing system is the one that is most at-risk from the cold weather.

Your plumbing system is both at-risk for reduced energy-efficiency and for plumbing disasters.

Much of your home’s plumbing system is buried in the ground outside of your home. This exposure to the outside temperatures and elements can make your plumbing system especially vulnerable to reduced energy efficiency.

In fact, if you do a study of your power bills, you will likely find that your plumbing system is the least energy-efficient during the winter months.

Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to ensure that your plumbing system retains as much energy-efficiency as possible:

  • Wrap your water heater with an insulated blanket to buffer against the cold temperatures.
  • Make sure to have your septic or sewer system professional inspected and have any small issues repaired or addressed before they escalate to major problems.
  • Wrap heat tape or pipe sleeves around any exposed plumbing that is installed in an outside facing wall
  • Add hose bib covers on all of the outside hose spigots that are around your home

Use these tips to ensure that your home is protected from the cold temperatures and that the energy efficiency of your plumbing system is intact. Keep an eye on your monthly power and water bills and adjust your efficiency plan as necessary.

Is Your Septic System Ready For The Fall?

15284170 - helpful tips and tricks symbol

The summer season is a time for family vacations and fun in the sun. However, with August almost over, it is that time of year when most households slow down with the summer activities and switch to school year activities.


This is also the time of year when the linens, clothing, and outdoor items for summer are washed, boxed up, and stored away until next year.


As you are going through your end of summer activities to get your home ready for fall, don’t forget to be mindful of your plumbing system.


While your plumbing system takes a fair amount of use during the summer months – the fall season is when the heavy rains hit and it is important to make sure that all parts of your system are working properly.


Like most complex systems – your plumbing pipes, fixtures, and fittings all have to work together to protect your home from flooding during the fall weather.


Here are just a few tips for you to follow during these end of summer weeks to keep your plumbing system in top condition:


  • Your septic system should be inspected once per year and the tank should be pumped at least once every three years – if not more frequently. During an inspection, your drain field pipes will be checked for tree roots.
  • It’s easy to forget about these areas of your home if you don’t go into them. So, make sure to carve out some time to purposely check the other bathrooms in your home. Guest bathrooms are not a place where you probably visit very often, unless you are preparing to have guests. But, leaks can happen in there the same as the other rooms in your home.  
  • When it is cold outside, having hot water inside is important part of staying healthy and combating the weather. Make sure that your water heater is well-maintained so that you are getting hot water during the cold weather season.


Keep your home protected from damage this fall by checking these end of summer plumbing checks off of your list. This is the perfect time to do it while the weather is transitioning from hot to cold.


Get Your Plumbing In Top Condition Before Your Summer Guests Arrive!

39032778 - drops of water and hand with wrench, plumbing repair symbol

The summer season is officially here! School is out for vacation, there are more RVs on the road, and the sun is shining.


This is the time of year when most families reserve their time together doing things like taking vacations, road trips to their favorite river or lake spot, and getting together with out-of-town guests.


Having a plumbing problem in your home while you are entertaining guests could be very embarrassing. Not to mention putting a big damper on your visit.


Thankfully, we have some advice for how to get your plumbing system in top working order before your guests arrive:


  • Make sure that your water heater has been serviced recently. It is important to have your water heater professionally checked at least every couple of years. If your water heater is more than eight years old, you should have it inspected every year. Having a water heater stop making hot water or having the tank burst while you have guests would be disastrous.
  • With all of the extra people using the bathroom facilities, you want to make sure that the plumbing system is up to the task. Think about having drain screen installed on all of the sinks, showers, and tubs. This is something that you can do yourself and will only take a minute. The screens can be purchased at your local hardware store and they simply lay over the top of the drains.
  • Grab a flashlight and look under all of your sinks to make sure there aren’t any leaks. The plumbing drains and hoses in the cabinets under your sinks can easily start leaking over time and the leak can get really out of hand if you don’t find it right away.


As your friends and family start calling to confirm their visits, make sure to take a few hours before they arrive to ensure that your plumbing system is ready. These visits only happen once a year so it is good to make sure they go off without a hitch!

Tips For Summer Season Plumbing Maintenance

40300682 - summer backgroundHooray for the summer vacation season! Now that the temperature has been teetering around the triple digits and the kids are out of school officially – we can now declare that the summer months are here and now is the time to put up the hammock and drag out the barbecue grill.


This is the best time of year – the weather is nice, people take vacations and spend time together as a family, and wonderful memories are made. This is also the time of year when most people like to take time away from their home and schedule their one big summer vacation trip for the year.


But, whether you are planning on staying around your house and enjoying the long summer nights in the backyard – or, you are headed out of town for some vacations and camping trips, it is important to know that your home and all of its systems will be reliable.


This is no truer for any system more than it is for your plumbing system. Your plumbing system is to one part of your home that you absolutely must have during the summer months in order for your vacation and time off to go right.


The first is to keep your plumbing system properly maintained, and that means treating it well when you use it. Here are some specific tips:


  • Don’t overuse your garbage disposal in the hopes of saving time so that you can get outside to that lawn chair. The garbage disposal is still just an appliance, and it needs to be treated properly. If you wouldn’t put it in your blender … don’t put it in your garbage disposal.
  • With the kids being in and out of the house in the grass, sand, and wood chips – make sure to install drain screens in your sinks and bathtub or shower drains. This is the cheapest and easiest way to avoid a major clog in your plumbing system.
  • Check your washing machine after each load to make sure there aren’t any solid pieces like small toys or even rocks. Especially if you are washing sleeping bags or beach towels.


Dealing with a summertime plumbing malfunction is the last thing you want to spend your R&R time doing. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to make sure that your plumbing system can be counted on and will not have a malfunction – follow these tips and have an awesome summer!


Do You Know These Dishwasher Rules?

4446199_sThere are many important appliances in your home, and they all play a big role in making sure you are able to get your household tasks done each day – efficiently.

This is especially helpful during the summer months, when you have a million things to do that are much more fun than clean the house. Not to mention the extra housework of having guests or hosting summertime events.

Many homeowners have a backyard that is well-manicured and conducive to having outdoor cookouts with friends and family over. These gatherings are a great way to spend time with people you may not have time to connect with during other times of the year – but, they also generate a lot of extra dishes.

Having a properly working dishwasher is essential to efficient clean-up of your kitchen after one of these events. And, it can make all the difference for you in spending time with your guests vs. being trapped in the kitchen with a sinkful of dishes.

But, your dishwasher must be properly maintained in order to work efficiently and not add more work to your day. Here are some tips:

Use quality soap and cleaning products in your dishwasher. And, when you can, make sure to use powdered soap instead of gel. The gel does not rinse as clean, and will leave behind a small layer of buildup. Over time, that buildup will begin to grow bacteria, and will wear down the gasket that seals the door of your dishwasher.

Never put items in your dishwasher that will break down during the wash cycle. Things like styrofoam, takeout containers, and plastic containers with paper labels will all break down while the dishwasher is running, and leave behind deposits in the mechanisms.

Resist the temptation to put items in the dishwasher that are still dirty. If your dishes have food particles on them, those food particles will get left behind in the dishwasher and will cause clogs in the washing mechanisms and filter. This will not only will this leave subsequent loads of dishes unclean but, it will cause your dishwasher to break down much faster.


3 Spring Plumbing Tips

27544058_sNow that the spring is upon us, it’s time to start moving away from those winter plumbing tips and adjust our action plan.

Each season has a different list of priorities for your plumbing system, because each season has a different kind of weather.

During the winter months, the fear for your plumbing system is that pipes will crack or break due to freezing. And, during the spring season, it is the perfect time to check on your plumbing system to see if any of those fears came to life.

As you are putting together your list of spring project to-dos, make sure you add the following spring plumbing tips:

  • Walk around the outside of your home and look for broken hose bibs that may have been caused by broken pipes. When your hose bib has water left in it and the water freezes, it will expand and crack open the pipe from the inside out. Once the spring season is upon us, the frozen water will thaw and start sputtering and spraying. So, it is important to check on these as soon as the sun pokes through the clouds.
  • Check the faucets outside of your home and replace all of the gaskets. During the winter months, the gaskets can get worn down and cracked so, replacing them gives your faucet a new lease for the spring and summer months. This is also a great way to eliminate any drips or leaks that could cause your water bill to go way off budget.
  • Check all of the faucets in and out of your home for mineral deposit build-up. The build-up can cause your water pressure to diminish making it much more difficult to efficiently water and bathe. To easily remove the mineral build-up, you can simply soak your faucets in a bowl of white vinegar and water. Or rubber band a bag of vinegar to the faucet and let it soak.

Spring time plumbing tips are very different than winter tips. Make sure that you are keeping your plumbing in good shape in accordance with the seasons and the weather. These tips should help!