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How can drain cleaning help lower your monthly bills?


Broomall Drain CleaningThe concept of drains affecting monthly bills does not cross many people’s minds. Drains, and clean drains in specific, are an important part of maintaining a healthy home. Regular drain cleaning works to the advantage of the homeowner and prevents potential damage and harm. Still, how does it save on monthly bills?

Before we can answer the question, there are a couple of important things to consider. Drains remove water from the home. Drains that are clogged or suffer from build up allow water to remain in the pipes longer leading to stagnant water that attracts odors, insects and allow disease into the home. The reason why most people don’t consider drains having an effect is due to the fact that most people do not realize there is a problem till the drain backs up. The connection between drain and monthly bills is subtle, so it goes unnoticed.

The best illustration of where regularly cleaned drains can save a homeowner money is the family toilet. If there drain is suffering from buildup, this buildup slows the removal of water from the home. Typically, this causes the homeowner to use repeated flushes to force the water through. This increases the water bill of the home. A similar situation occurs with slow shower drains. The water drains slowly, leaving residue in the shower causing the shower to be cleaned more often leading to more water use than should normally occur if the drains were clean.

Most people do not look at their homes as an integrated system, but it is one. Failure or damage to one part can have a profound effect on another part. In fact a home is a series of systems, such as the electrical system and plumbing system. It is easy to tell when the electrical system is in need of attention but often the plumbing system has to fail for the homeowner to notice. Regular drain cleanings are a way to help prevent failure leading to a clean running plumbing system and therefore an overall healthier home. While it might not seem like much, an extra gallon here or a little more water there; however, it all adds up over time. Ultimately costing the homeowner money.

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Why is a Tankless Water Heater Better?

Bromall Tankless Water HeaterHave you begun to see signs that your water heater is on its way out? Is there and unexplained puddle of water at the foot of your hot-water heater, or maybe you are seeing signs of rust in the water or in the puddle of water under the heater? Did you know that traditional water heaters generally only last between 8 to 10 years and then they must be replaced?

As a homeowner, we understand that the cost of a water heater can be an unwanted expense, which is why we suggest that our customers think in terms of a tankless water heater as an upgrade. The only downside to this upgrade is the fact that it costs more than the traditional water heater. The good news is that the life span is twice as long, which translates into a decent investment.

There are several reasons, other than a longer life, why a tankless water heater makes more sense. One of those reasons is the fact that the homeowner will be operating a more efficient hot-water system. This upgrade will end up saving the homeowner in the end. Keep in mind that you will experience lower bills in the long term; however, in an environment where everyone is trying to save money, the tankless water heater is the smarter option.

It doesn’t matter where your current water heater is located, chances are that it is in the way of something. What would you do if you had that extra space, could it be put to good use? Upgrading to the tankless water heater will increase the level of storage space you have by almost two thirds, depending on the unit you intend to replace.

When a homeowner purchases or builds a home, unless it was done recently, the odds are likely that the older model water heater will be used. Families that increase over time end up outgrowing the capacity of their conventional water heater, and someone will end up having to shower with warm or cold water. If we upgrade your water heater to a tankless model, you will always have hot water as the outflow is instantaneous.

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Stop Breathing Toxins!

Replacing an AC Filter


AC MaintenanceOne of the best things about being a homeowner is having a large number of luxuries available. Like many things, some luxuries can break down and need fixing, and air conditioning is an example of this.

During the summer months the temperatures can get to be very hot, which makes the need for properly functioning air conditioning all the more necessary. However, replacing parts of the AC unit is necessary too. Depending on how many people live in the home and if any animals are present as well, changing the AC filter should be done every month or two months. Changes may need to be made more often if the overall quality of air inside the home is bad or if the home itself is located in an area with a higher rate of air pollution than other places.

A good reason for changing AC filters is because over time they tend to collect dust, dirt and other materials in and around the house. For example, anyone who has pets like cats or dogs knows that they shed their fur all the time and more often than not that fur ends up getting caught in the filters very quickly, though that’s what filters should do. Pets can also catch fleas, ticks and mites in their fur, which can also get caught in the filters and cause health problems if left unchecked.

Filters should also be changed depending on the number of people who live in the home. Normally, one person in a home is easy to manage but with more than one person around, that means more to account for, such as allergies. Pet related or not, germs can get caught in the filters as well and thus the need to replace them is greater, since dirty filters can cause allergies to become even worse.

Overall, changing air conditioning filters is not a difficult task and should be done regularly. It being inexpensive is another reason to make sure this is done as soon as possible.

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What are the Benefits of AC Repair Services?

Benefits of AC Repair Services


AC RepairPeople are rarely willing to go without the comfort of an air conditioner and with good reason. Unfortunately, AC units break down, the possible causes ranging from low Freon to clogged vents. Worse yet, most homeowners neither have the tools nor the know-how to get their unit up and running again. The good news is there is an alternative that comes with a number of benefits, AC repair services.

Air Conditioner Health

The sweltering heat of summertime is more than just uncomfortable, the scorching temperatures often dangerous. This is particularly true for people with medical conditions, such as upper respiratory or heart conditions. However, even individuals who seem perfectly healthy can begin to feel under the weather if their air conditioner isn’t doing its job. In short, one undeniable benefit of AC repair services is not only relaxing in cool comfort but better health for those enjoying an air condition running in optimal condition.

Professional Know-How

There is definitely something to be said for a Do-It-Yourself attitude, people with a can-do mentality often very successful. That being said, some jobs are better left to the professionals. An air conditioner in need of repairs is a prime example, the complex the AC system the more likely people are to get in over their heads. There is also the benefit of professional know-how, AC technicians able to diagnose the issue, determine the best solution and have the unit back in working order in the blink of an eye. More importantly, their work is often guaranteed whereas repair the air conditioner oneself means no certainties.

Regular Maintenance Security

A simple part of life is household appliances breakdown, the more they’re used the faster they wear down. However, regular maintenance performed by professional AC technician can help keep the air conditioner working at optimal performance. This is perhaps the greatest benefit of all, ensuring homeowners have less to worry about while in their home.

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How Long Does a Bathroom Repipe Take?

How Long Does a Bathroom Repipe Take?

RepipingHow long it takes to repipe a bathroom can be answered by the quality of the plumber that is hired to do the work and the extent of the planned work required by the owner to complete the repiping. There is no quick answer such as 5 hours or even 5 days to complete a bathroom repiping. Either of those times expressed above could be reasonable times to complete the work based on a number of elements related to the repiping project. For example, bathrooms for a commercial facility are very different than the bathroom for a residential facility. Even at this point the degree of work to complete the repiping will depend on the capacity that is required for both residential and commercial facilities. Additionally, the custom design and tastes of the owner will also become a major factor in establishing the length of time to complete a bathroom repiping project.

One factor that cannot be overlooked is the experience of the plumber tasked with the repiping project. A more experienced plumber will be capable of handling a number of different issues related to a repiping project because he or she have seen the issues before and know how to handle the repiping solution. A qualified plumber will also know how to communicate with the owner so there is clear communication regarding the nature and scope of work related to the repiping assignment. A detailed budget, a clear schedule and a good understanding of the area that will be affected by the repiping work will assist greatly in the hired plumber completing the assigned project.

The owner and the hired plumber will need to work as a team. Issues that will need to be resolved is the history of the existing plumbing already installed and how much of that existing plumbing will need to be remove or repaired. The owner should also realize that most plumbers do not do dry wall work. The plumber is good at tearing out a wall or floor to get to the pipes that he or she will need to get to but it may not be his job to repair the floors and dry walls unless such work is stated in the project contract.

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Why Is My Faucet Dripping?

What Causes My Faucets to Drip?


Faucet RepairFaucets tend to wear down because we use them so often around our home, business, outside, and many other places where we need water. Faucets are an essential need of our daily living, but a leaky faucet can be very annoying and a waste of good water. While there are a vast amount of reasons that cause leaky faucets, a few of the very common reasons include a cracked seal or worn out rubber washer which can happen with faucets under constant pressure and use. Other types of faucets sealed with O-rings tend to leak after wear and tear of high water pressure.

Usually the first sign is constant leaking at the base of a faucet. Replacing the cartridge is the next best thing to this annoying problem. Plus water leaks can cause water bills to rise and not even realize how easily these leaks can hype a water bill at the end of the month. The size of the cartridge is important when replacing because they are not all the same. Trying to do it yourself without the proper tools or knowledge of the intricate difficulty of replacing these small parts can cause improper fitting and installation. Corrosion is another well known problem causing faucet water leaks. Accumulation of water sediments on the valve seat can cause a leaky faucet too. Regular cleaning can prevent this problem from happening. Ignoring a leaky faucet can create other costly expenses in the long run.

The best solution to a leaky faucet, is to call a professional plumber that can easily configure what is causing a leak on your faucet eliminating the guessing, improper installation, and trips back and forth to the hardware store. Ask a plumber for advise if you’re determined to do it yourself. While some leaks can be easily be fixed, others can have more damage. A professional plumber has the expertise to lead you in the right direction, and advise you properly. Most plumbers are happy to share their expertise and ideas for a solution to your problem. After all a leaky faucet is like money down the drain!

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What are signs that my AC needs a tune-up?

Signs That Your AC Needs a Tune-up


AC Tune-UpDuring warm-weather months, air conditioners are prone to overuse, and can often display warning signs of impending problems that go unnoticed until the unit stops working altogether. Being without air conditioning for hours, or even days, until repairs can be made can be more than uncomfortable, and may even lead to health and safety risks. To ensure that your system is running smoothly throughout the year, look for the following indications for the necessity of an AC tune-up.

Unfamiliar Noises

Most homeowners are familiar with the buzzing, clanking, and banging sounds that indicate a problem with their unit, but always have any unfamiliar noise checked out, even if it starts out small and unobtrusive. These warning signs may indicate a problem with the fan, blower, or compressor, and require immediate attention.

Limited Airflow

Homeowners are often puzzled when an air conditioning unit still runs outdoors but no longer blows adequate air into the house. The problem may lie with a motor or fan in the system that has stopped working, a dirty filter, or a combination of issues.


Air conditioner leakage is often ignored because homeowners believe it to be a non-issue. However, it may be the result of a drain blockage, and can also signal improper installation.

Warm Air

An air conditioner that has stopped blowing cool air may have a dirty filter or coil, be improperly maintained outdoors, or be low on refrigerant. When this happens, homeowners may also notice that the outdoor unit has frozen up.

Inconsistent or Continuous Running

If a unit is shutting off and on abruptly, is running inconsistently rather than maintaining the indicated temperature in the home, or is running continuously, several technical factors could be at play. A professional assessment will be required to pinpoint the problem.

Call an HVAC Repair Specialist

Misdiagnosing the source of an air unit’s problem can be a costly mistake, and attempting repairs yourself is always a health risk. Trust a HVAC repair specialist to check for any existing problems and ensure that your air conditioner runs properly, especially as the temperature rises and unit usage dramatically increases.

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How should I choose an HVAC technician?

Choosing an HVAC Contractor the Easy Way


HVACChoosing the right HVAC contractor is extremely important when you are looking to get a get a furnace or air conditioning system. There are many competitors in this field but the first thing that you need to do is determine whether a contractor has the necessary expertise and resources to get the job done well. This can be done through inquiry or research. Inquiry requires a little research just to find out what exact type of climate control system you want. Once that is done you can call any HVAC company and and ask if they have the capabilities to install your chosen unit. Unless, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” then you know this company does not have the equipment or expertise necessary to get the job done right.

Research is a second approach and one that can come in many forms. The first is the internet. People write tons of reviews about everything and that includes HVAC companies. Websites like Homeadvisor.com and Angieslist.com have detailed reviews, ratings, and even How To’s. Do not allow any company to give you a quote without knowing what it “should” cost. If you do not feel like researching then the best option is to simply look up the average price for the job you want done and make sure it matches the offers you get. Finally, research may involve looking at the company’s membership of organizations like Air Conditioning Contractors of America.

However, the best kind of research comes from friends and family. There are at least half a dozen people in your social groups that have needed and HVAC contractor at one time or another. Who better to ask than someone you trust and care about? He or she can steer you in the right direction by telling you who to avoid, who did an excellent job, and who had the fairest price.

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How should I handle a plumbing emergency?

How to handle a plumbing emergency


Emergency PlumbingPlumbing emergencies can be a nightmare and have to be handled immediately to minimize damage. A lot of damage can occur from a plumbing emergency so it has to be handled correctly. Follow the steps below to handle any plumbing emergency.

If you have an overflowing toilet, a pipe that has burst or a malfunctioning Fawcett, this constitutes a plumbing emergency and must be handled immediately. The first thing that you have to do is shut off the water. This is especially true if you have a pipe that has burst. If you don’t know much about plumbing and don’t know which water valve to shut off, your best bet is to shut the main water valve off. The main water valve can be found in the basement or outside of the home. A good precaution maneuver to do is to label the pipes and their corresponding valves. That way, if a plumbing emergency occurs, you will know which valve to shut off.

The next thing that you have to do is contain the damage to one area. This can be done by preventing the water that has pooled onto the floor from going elsewhere. You can do this by piling towels or blankets around the pool of water to keep it in that spot. You should also scoop up the water or direct it towards the drains.

Everything that is portable or has the ability to be moved should be moved out of the water. This will protect each item from further damage as it is outside of the water. You can dry each item off with a towel and allow it to air dry. The next thing to do of course is to call a plumber to fix the broken pipe, overflowing toilet or the Fawcett.

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What is the difference between tank and tankless water heaters?

Differences Between a Traditional Water Heater and Tankless


Water Heater InstallationWith more people each year looking to conserve energy and preserve the planets resources, they are looking inside the home at the hot water heater to start. The traditional hot water heater is one of the appliances that uses the most energy in the home. Regardless the season, that tank must heat several dozen gallons of water at a moments notice. This requires that system to run day and night, every single day of the year. The newer tankless systems only use energy on demand. When hot water is needed, the system turns on to instantly provide the water at the appropriate temperature. Here are just a few of the differences of both systems.

The traditional hot water heater is large in size and usually is placed in the garage. The unit is rather easy to install, requiring a connection to the water source and a power source. The heating elements ensure that the temperature of all that stored water is consistently at that desired temperature. If the water cools slightly throughout the day, the heater kicks on and heats the water until it is hot again. The tankless heater is small by comparison, able to be installed under a sink, on a wall in a closet, or in must smaller confined locations. This unit heats water on demand, only running as the hot water is needed.

The biggest difference between the two units is the cost. While traditional water heaters are inexpensive to purchase and install, they use a tremendous amount of energy each day to ensure that the water is properly heated. The tankless water heater system is quite expensive to purchase and must be installed by a professional. This system has several components that make it a much more complicated process. Proper venting and additional power sources may be needed, so it is understandable why this process to install is costly. Manufacturers claim that after a few years of use, the savings in energy costs should offset the cost of the installation. Be sure to ask the manufacturer for their numbers so you can better make that determination based on your families water consumption.

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