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Backflow Testing & Certification Services in Broomall

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Backflow Testing

Residential and commercial water systems are designed with a positive pressure that forces water to flow in a certain direction and prevents it from flowing in the opposite direction. However, when things go wrong, such as a burst pipe, a cracked well tank, or the failure of a municipal pump, the positive pressure may be lost, allowing water to flow backwards through the system. Backflow is a serious issue that can affect homes in Broomall, PA and the surrounding areas. When this occurs, our expert technicians will provide you with expert repair services in no time! Don’t take our word for it. See what your neighbors are saying here!

How Can A Backflow Issues Affect Your Home?

When your home suffers from backflow issues, drinking water can become contaminated, which could result in a serious health problem. Similarly, backflow issues can create a spike in your water bill. Because the water in your home is no longer flowing as it should be, it can be wasted and cause damaging issues. If you find that the plumbing in your home is suffering from backflow issues, you can trust in our expert technicians to remedy the issues for you in no time!

What Is Backflow Testing?

To help prevent water from flowing through a system in the wrong direction, backflow devices are installed at strategic points within water systems. A backflow preventer is a device that will allow water to flow in only one direction. When the water system is operating as designed, with positive pressure pushing the water through the pipes in the desired direction, the backflow device allows the water to flow freely. However, should a situation occur that attempts to reverse the water flow, the backflow device prevents that from happening. In order to insure that the backflow preventer will work properly when called upon, routine testing is required. Many municipal water systems have operating procedures or codes that require regular testing of backflow preventers.

Why Is Backflow Testing Important?

Backflow testing is important because it helps to insure the integrity of the water supply entering your home. In the absence of routine testing, a backflow device may have a defect that goes undetected for some period of time, which possibly could cause a health hazard in the way of contaminated drinking water. A lawn irrigation system is a prime example of a water system where backflow testing is critically important. If one of the pipes that are buried throughout the lawn should become cracked or broken, herbicides and other contaminates have the opportunity to enter into the household water supply to which it is connected.

Why Is Backflow Testing Certification Important?

When having your backflow devices tested, it is important to use a service that has been certified by the local authority. In a majority of cities, regular inspections and certifications, are required for the plumbing system in your home. Certification means that the individual performing the task has been educated and tested to ensure they are competent to complete the task in a professional manner and in compliance with local codes. These expert inspections are completed, certified, and generally sent to the city for confirmation.

Why Choose John McCuen Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning, Inc.

If you need to have your backflow prevention devices tested, we have certified technicians with specialty training standing by to assist you. We will test your backflow device and help you submit any required documents to your local water authority. We also have the knowledge, experience, equipment, and training, to handle almost any water related issues you may have. Call us today and get industry leading services in no time!

Is your Broomall, PA home in need of backflow testing? Call John McCuen Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning, Inc. (610) 325-9395 and get certified services today!