5 Simple Water-Saving Tips

17923596_sSaving money each month is a priority for all of us. Anywhere that we can scrimp and save without going too far overboard – we do it.

This time of year, saving money can have a real impact because this is when most people start to plan their summer fun getaways. Things like camping trips, vacations, and weekend getaways are all favorite ways to celebrate the summer sun months.

The utility bills in your home can fluctuate quite a bit each month depending on use. For instance, your water heater can be blamed for 60% of your total power bill each month. So, the less hot water you use, the lower your power bill is going to be.

This is important math to be thinking about as you are taking showers, washing laundry, and filling up the dish sink.

Thankfully, there are many ways that you can reduce the amount of water – both hot and cold – that your household uses each month. Some of these tips are easily implemented, and others take a bit of finesse and coaxing:

  • Fill up the sink with water or a small bucket when shaving. Don’t shave in the shower or with the bathroom faucet running.
  • Plug the drain before you turn the water on to fill the tub. Allowing the cold water to run down the drain is just a waste. Instead the cold water that comes out first can mix with the hot water that comes out later to make the tub water warm.
  • Don’t defrost meat in water in the sink. Instead, use a meal plan so you know what you are fixing in advance, and then defrost the meat that you need in the refrigerator overnight.
  • Use a bowl to wash fruits and vegetables. Then, use the water in the plants or to water your pets.
  • Do not spray the driveway or walkway clean. Instead, use a broom to clean these areas.

Planning your trips now helps to make sure that you have everything that you need including supplies, luggage, and budget. One way that you can ensure your summer fun budget is plentiful is to save money on your monthly utility bills.



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